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Smart agriculture methods and strategy for farmers

Read about smart farming practices that can save costs, resources and labour!

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20 new technologies to try in 2020!

Click here to read Part 01

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INSIGHT | January 2020 | Issue 12

Click here to view 2020's first Issue of INSIGHT, the Social App Hub newsletter

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Inclusive Education Aided by Technology

Thinkerbell Labs envisions a future where visually impaired children can attend regular school with the help of technology. Click here to read their story!

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Disaster Management through ODK based Technology

Here's how ODK based tecchnology can assist with Disaster Management

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Creating Livelihoods for Hearing Impaired

Sumit Singh Gandhi talks about his NGO Sounds of Silence and the use of technology to aid Hearing Impaired individuals




Educate, empower and equip everyone Digitally and Spiritually
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