Social App Hub is part of Vodafone Foundation’s ‘Connecting4Good’ program that fosters the use of mobile technology for Social Good.
It is India's first crowdsourcing platform aimed at curating, strengthening & promoting social sector related mobile solutions from critical sectors of health, education, governance, agriculture, disability and safety. The platform also offers a plethora of knowledge through its case studies; articles & interviews to foster technology enabled social innovation in the development sector.
Apart from drastically reducing the barriers of everyday communication, mobile technology has proved to be an effective means of development. There are over 1.3 million apps available which have resulted in over 50 billion downloads. Only a very small percentage of these apps have been created for social good. The awareness of such apps amongst beneficiaries and general citizens is quite low. In addition, they are often hard to identify in the blitz of games and networking apps. There is also a lack of platforms providing knowledge resources for development organisation to encourage them to move towards automation and addressing social challenges by use of ICT based solutions.
The Social Apps Hub aims to solve this problem. It identifies reviews and features social apps developed for various developmental sectors and beneficiaries. It does so by bringing together various stakeholders including app developers and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), government initiatives and social enterprises which use the mobile platform and technology to drive awareness building, inclusion and empowerment within communities and across sectors.
Hundreds of such mobile applications are featured across six main categories – Health, Safety, Education, Agriculture, Disability and Governance making the hub the largest exclusive repository of socially relevant mobile applications in India. The goal is to create an ecosystem for users from diverse backgrounds to actively engage and use mobile applications and technologies that make lives easier and enable societal development.