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Blind People's Association

'Blind People's Association' is a professional organisation. The main aim of the organisation is to provide equal opportunities to all categories of people with disabilities. It provides education, employment opportunities, equal rights and quality of life to all sections of disabled people. During the last five years, about 1500 people have been successfully provided employment through this organisation in public as well as private sectors such as banks, railways, hospitals etc. Understanding the importance self-employment, the organisation also started a self-employment programme and provided micro-credit for people who are interested in the programme. So far about 900 people are earning their livelihood from their own telephone booths, food stalls, beauty parlours, mobile repairing shops etc. The organisation works especially for the empowerment of blind women by providing them Micro Credit, under "Swayamsiddha Pariyojana" project.

Key features: 


Employment opportunities are provided in the public and private sectors, and self-employment is also encouraged.


Microcredits are provided for the people who are interested in self-employment and for the blind women to empower them.


Donors are available on the platform to donate money for different purposes out of their interest.



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