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Brain Injury - One Skill Videos

One Skill video app is specially designed for people living with a speech and language difficulty. People who are facing these communication issues may usually end up with stroke, brain injury, dementia, aphasia and a range of other conditions. It is helpful to the friends and family members to learn how to interact with the person facing that difficulty. The app contains 9 videos of less than 3 minutes each and each video will address a different communication problem like- Use simple sentences, Give time to respond, Background noise, Ask one question at a time, Offer written choices, Don’t pretend you understand, Write down keywords, Don’t patronise, Ask what helps etc.

Key features: 


Separate videos highlighting each issue.


Each video addresses a different issue like- Use simple sentences, Give time to respond, Background noise, Ask one question at a time, Offer written choices, Don’t pretend you understand, Write down keywords, Don’t patronise, Ask what helps etc.



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