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Eckovation app is the fastest and free learning platform where students, teachers and parents can get connected from anywhere and at any time. It consists of 1000+ quality educators, 5000+ learning groups and 700,000+ learners. The app's focus is mainly on three categories: School Curriculum (I-X classes), Competitive Exams (JEE, NEET, GATE, UPSC etc), Professional Skill Certification Programs (C, C++, Java, Python, Robotics, Big Data, Matlab etc). It can be utilized to manage academics, clarify doubts, interact with fellow members of groups and share photos, audio files, text on the group. The app works in a simple manner. Firstly in the case of parents, they have to create an account to connect with teachers and their child. Then the parent will be informed about his child's progress, upcoming quizzes, assignments and exams.Even teachers can create an account and form a class group where they can upload assignments, projects, important instructions and can track daily assessments easily. It also helps them to get connected with parents. Finally even students can create a student profile and join their class group to stay connected and be aware of various assignments and projects.

Key features: 


These programs are available for three categories: School curriculum, Competitive exams, Professional Skill Certification Programs.


Parents, Teachers and Students can create accounts & groups and share photos, audio files and text on the group and get connected.


Teachers can send reminders, assignments, projects and important instructions to students and their parents.



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