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Farmco - Agriculture App

FarmCo is an agricultural & technology-based shopping platform which is directly connected with farmers. It helps farmers stay updated on the latest technologies, inventions, findings, techniques in agriculture, horticulture and helps them in finding the right path for their agro needs. Information related to localized practice, weather reports, mandi prices, crop advisory along with the best products to protect, cure and grow their crops are available on this platform which aids in smarter farming through optimization of available resources. It contains an expert team of field officers & agri doctors who gives tips to farmers on crop protection and nutrition management as they visit the fields on a regular basis. The app is specially designed in a way that even an illiterate person will be able to use it.

Key features: 


It updates farmers with the latest technologies, inventions, findings or techniques in agriculture (or horticulture) and latest information on more than thirty vegetable crops, field crops, pulses and species.


Field officers and agri-doctors offers advice to farmers on crop protection and nutrition management as they visit the fields on a regular basis.


The app is available at a small size of 5 MB and is specially crafted to work in villages, even those in the most remote areas of India and requires very little internet data



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