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MedM Diabetes

MedM Diabetes is a diabetic control app which allows the user to enter their sugar levels, or upload the data from BG meter to the app using bluetooth. Data backup is available on the MedM health cloud so the user can access it anywhere, record sugar levels and share them with their doctor any time. The app contains analytical tools for observing changes in sugar levels through which user can control their sugar levels. The app can be used on any smartphone or tablet without any online registration and the best part is, users will no more be required to store and carry paper records.

Key features: 


MedM Diabetes syncs with Roche Accu-Check Performa Connect, Contec SXT, BeeLee BL-XT02, Fora D15b, Fora D30f, Fora D40d, Fora G31b, Fora GD40b, Fora Diamond mini, Fora MD, Fora Test'N'Go Voice , MyGlucoHealth, TaiDoc TD-4279, SyberCare Magic Mirror, Polytel PWR-08-03/06/09, SmartLAb Global WnG these all meters.


The app directly uploads the data from BG meter using bluetooth.


These tools are used for observing the changes in blood sugar levels.



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