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React Mobile – Safety App

'React Mobile' is a personal safety app which keeps the users connected and secure whenever they feel unsafe. It is transforming the way people call for help during an emergency. The app is paired up with 'React Sidekick' a personal safety device so users can send a quick emergency alert over a wide network of family and friends without any access and unlock of their phone. With real-time tracking, help comes faster. The user can use the yellow 'Follow Me' button which allows them to choose the contacts to send an email and a text message with a link to user's GPS location. Through the GPS location, users will be tracked by their loved ones in real-time. Once the user is saved they can slide on the green 'I'm Safe' button and when the user needs emergency help he can slide on the red "SOS Help Me" button. The app automatically calls all the local authorities when the 'Help Me' message is sent.

Key features: 


'Follow Me' Button is used for real-time tracking, 'SOS Help Me' Button is used to send SMS or emails and GPS location to the emergency contacts and 'I'm Safe' Button is used when the user is out of danger.


An email and a text message with a link to user's GPS location is sent to their emergency contacts.


In order to get help fast, if the screen is off, the phone lock can be bypassed to send out an alert.



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