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TimBre for Tuberculosis (TB)

TimBre is a free mobile application for screening Tuberculosis (TB). The user can use this app without having to visit a diagnostic lab/clinic/hospital. The process is very simple, cough into your microphone in a quiet room without any extraneous noise such as Fans/AC/Pets/TV/Music etc.Take at least 3 cough samples for 10 seconds each while your microphone is placed at less than your arm's length. The best time to record cough sample is early in the morning OR in the quiet of the night. If a microphone is not available, place the phone a little away from your mouth and cough into it.

Key features: 

Clinical information

App provides a platform for the end users to fill in their personal information and detailed medical history for effective results.


The results of the test are sent to the user via sms.

Electronic Medical Record

All the data entered is fed into the applications Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) for tracking and treatment purposes.



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