12 Chatbots for a better tomorrow!

January 22, 2018 12:00 AM
  • 12 Chatbots for a better tomorrow!

Chatbots enable better customer experience and service through different online platforms. Organisations around the world now treat this as a key ingredient towards steady customer engagement. Many nonprofits are now using chatbots for stakeholder engagement. Chatbots enable automation and quicker one-to-one conversations using technology to reach out to visitors on a page, making it powerful in creating customer engagement and retention. The scope of use of this technology is truly unlimited.

Time and money are amongst the most valuable resources for any organization. Automation leads to a speedier process of answering customer requests with short turn around time. In the current scenario, chatbots answer simple questions and give quick replies, dealing with only a limited degree of complexity. But such bots are expected to handle issues of higher complexity with time.

Here are some examples of chatbots that assist guests with different solutions:

Fighting pollution



HawaBadlo or Change The Air, is a social movement born with an aim to tackle the problem of air pollution in India. HawaBadlo campaign has introduced a chatbot that lets users know about their air quality index based on their location. It also suggests users to switch to greener fuels (including natural gas) by sending location details of the nearby CNG gas stations.



Smokey: Air Quality Bot

More than 90% of people intake air with high levels of particulate matter, causing 6.5 million premature deaths every year counting to more deaths than HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and traffic accidents combined. Smokey, another chatbot working in these lines, makes real-time air quality index accessible to users anytime. It is an essential tool for anyone living in a place with unhealthy levels of particulate matter in the air, especially for joggers, runners, people commuting on two-wheelers, asthma patients, families with young children, and pregnant women.


Health Consultant



HealthTap is a chatbot that acts as a personal consultant to users, answering their health-related queries and providing tips and information to their problems or concerns. This app reccomends users to consult a doctor or offers to take help from professionals redirecting you to its website.



Gyant chatbot has proved to be of help to thousands of people in developing countries, who can now keep a tab on their health and check if they have any ailments. It functions as a health assistant processing symptoms and guiding users towards a possible diagnosis — especially focusing on Zika virus and diabetes.


Language Translation


Instant Translator

Instant Translator chatbot is available on Facebook and Viber with 50,000 and 6,00,000 user base respectively, supporting more than 19 languages. The current languages are Arabic, English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Urdu, Finnish, Filipino, Chinese, Romanian, Indonesian, Italian, and Turkish. You can change the language just by typing “change language” and it gives you options for different languages. Also, by simply writing 'French', everything will be translated into French. It can be used in any conversation with a friend by clicking on "+" at the bottom of the conversation and clicking on Instant Translator icon in the extensions.

Legal Empowerment


Raheem AI

Raheem.ai the chatbot developed to help people with reporting and rating experiences with police officers. It asks the users a series of question about the incident, officers involved and other necessary details, providing follow-up support. The interactions are simple but powerful. These chatbots are useful when users are doubtful to do the traditional reporting by providing an option to report cases anonymously, making the process seem friendly and approachable.

Mental Health



Meditation helps to keep mind and body relaxed throughout the day, reducing stress and internal conflict. MeditateBot aims to motivate the user to follow a daily meditation habit. It reminds the user to meditate every day by allowing them to decide when they want to meditate, and for how long.



MotivateBot sends the user inspiring quotes or images, book suggestions, blog posts, jokes, and memory games depending on the user’s choice.




Woebot focuses on creating a platform for people who seek out for help, acting as a support system by helping them deal with anxiety or depression. The bot makes it clear that is not a human and to dial an emergency number in case of an emergency. It then proceeds to a mood assessment. Using CBT techniques it helps the user reframe thought patterns or negative emotions.

Diet Advice



FitCircle is a chat based social fitness app aiming to make everyday health and nutrition easy and convenient with its platform. It asks the user to fill a form with all the specifications to suggest a personalized advice/ diet plan to users from expert coaches, nutritionists and health advisors.


Traffic Updates



Leave, is a chatbot that has the ability to estimate the current time to reach the destination in real-time traffic. All one has to do is to share the location or type the start and the end address.


Simplifying Fundraising



SonyaBot is a chat-based crowdfunding consultant, which gives simple daily tasks that significantly increases the chances of getting funded. Marketing a crowdfunding campaign successfully is tough, but with the right knowledge and experience, it is achievable. Nonprofit can automate and expand the entire process of fundraising with the help of chatbots.


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