7 apps to do your bit this Republic Day!

January 25, 2018 12:00 AM
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As India, the largest democracy in the world celebrates yet another Republic day, one must note the amazing growth that the country has gone through, industrially and technologically to start with. Indians world over honor this day with pride and happiness. 

Noting the significance of the day, we urge our readers to take some time out to consider contributing efforts towards addressing social causes. We are strong in billions, even a fraction of this number could bring in great change. Here are 7 apps that can help you become a better citizen today!


Here is an app called E-Donor card that helps users become organ donors. E-Donor Card from Mohan Foundation expresses donor's desire to donate organs and tissues. The app consists of the emergency contact information which assists you in case of an accident. It is presently available to those who hold Indian mobile numbers.

Kishore’s Trust

Kishore's trust is an app that aims to donate quality food, education, and medical facilities to the needy. A simple sign-up of the app will transform lives of orphans, senior citizens, and the general poor. The app acts as an interface to feed the hungry, educate the illiterate, and provide healthcare.

My Clean India

The Government of India launched the Mission Swachh Bharat with an aim to clean up India's cities, smaller towns and rural areas. My Clean India is an app that features the number of activities for creating clean India. Pick up an unclean location from India and put an effort to clean it up, also take the photographs of the place you undertook to clean and invite your friends to accept the challenge. Moreover, you can record a video on 'Why Clean India?' and create an awareness in the country.


The app vPledge has been developed by two 13-year old kids with the motivation - "You and I together can make this planet a beautiful place." This mobile application allows us to motivate people towards making this planet a better place. All you have to do is create a pledge towards social impact and the app offers you to tag and share on the social media. It is an app which integrates people to accomplish the common social goal!

Naco Blood Donor

“My goal is to spread the word about the need for more blood donors.” - Niki Taylor. What is your goal then? You could spread the word and donate blood voluntarily! The National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) developed an app named NACO BLOOD DONOR, which enables donors to register for donating blood voluntarily. This app will come to the rescue in the face of an emergency by providing safe blood transfusion service.

Helpage SOS

Help any senior citizen by sharing this app called HelpAge SOS(save our seniors). The app acts as a personal guide to old peoples by providing information. The application best comes into use in the event of an emergency.  Most of the features in the app seeks to empower senior citizens with information on critical issues.

Sankalp Taru G1 “Plant A Tree”

There is a no excellent gift to the planet than planting a tree! Anyone could 'Plant A Tree' this Republic day with the app called Sankalp Taru G1. This app helps you plant trees anywhere in the world at any location you desire. The application is developed by Sankalp Foundation that promotes bio-diversity and supports rural livelihoods.


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