9 incredible ways technology will change education in 2018

January 02, 2018 12:00 AM
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An American Engineer Dean Kamen said "Every once in a while,  a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation" In the same way, the Old Education has a lot of loopholes in delivering, engaging, and so forth. Thus, it is an old problem which needs to sparkle with an idea and instrument with the technology.

So, the present day technology can offer more than modern education system needs. The advanced technologies like AI, IOT, Virtual reality, Augmented Reality, and ML leverage the education to the new heights. Also, the Internet has become a driving force for technology to create innovations in modern education.


Here are the 9 ways technology can influence the modern education and helps in reaching all parts of the world.

Enhanced Teaching and Learning

With the technology, the way of teaching and learning became smart. Resources like the Internet, projectors, portable and mobile devices, Virtual technologies have constructed a path for new learning and teaching methodologies.

There are the variety of online tools for teachers, that help them to enhance their teaching methodologies. These tools provide teaching ideas as well as feedback. So, the technology molded tools will help in enhanced and remote teaching.

E-learning and M-learning are the growing online learning platforms for students. Henceforth, a lot of students across the globe can learn from anywhere and enjoy these platforms. This way, remote and enhanced learning stride the way of new-age learning.

Global Platforms for all

Technology is wide and pervasive around the planet. So, the education platforms are global to establish an access to every member. There are various free and paid online E-learning platforms that reach across the globe.

Most of the popular universities worldwide offering free online courses and degrees to learn anywhere in the world. As well as these platforms are providing mobile applications for portable access. The technologies like Progressive web apps will help in remote areas with low and inconsistent internet connections. Even the offline mode of remote learning is also taking baby steps to fulfill the dreams of many people from the rural and remote areas.

Teaching Concepts on Multimedia platforms

Concepts in teaching are the old way of learning, but the teaching concepts on multimedia platforms are the new way of learning. Almost millions of multimedia platforms available to create stunning, breathtaking, and first-class videos with synchronous BGM. These platforms can offer to create marvelous teaching concepts that understand in simple ways.

Still, the Presentation videos are helpful resources to students which provides valuable information in the form of text, infographics, and structures. Number of E-books and Audible books are also available for students to access from anywhere.

Technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality also creating in-depth concepts for students in a more engaging way. Thus, In coming days these technologies will change the phase of learning to more exciting and engaging.

Student-Teacher Interaction

There is a rise in Student-Teacher Interaction with the help of technical support. Teachers can use various online tools like Dropbox or Google Drive to share content with the students. They even use email support to interact with the students. Moreover, this will help to interact with the students from anywhere in the world.

These days various online channels developed for teachers and students to clarify doubts. And various mentoring tools help teachers to approach students from anywhere remotely. Skype is one of the best channels for improving student-teacher interaction.

Real-Time Assessment

Real-Time Assessment is also known as Formative Assessment, that can enable in the classroom to track activities of students in real-time. So, the tracking helps in counting attendance, discipline monitoring, understanding the students, and so on. Real-Time Assessment will be the best tool for establishing schools in remote areas.

Additionally, the Real-time assessment will aid to take decisions and optimize resources. The technology like the Internet of Things is the best suitable to install Real-Time assessment tools. Also, Blockchain will boost these tools in the coming days.

Quick access to information

The best thing we always praise about technology is - the quickness. The Internet technology offers many tools and platforms for accessing information within a second. There is huge information stored on servers connected across the internet. The information can able to read, view, or edit the user agent.

Google search engine is one of the popular resources on the internet for quick access to information. Similarly, there are other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo etc., to access information. Besides to the search engines, there are many blogs and Q/A sites to retrieve and learn.

A caution however is to teach wards on how to conduct a search without which the search engines end up giving prejudiced information.

Forums and Online Group Discussion

Forums and Online Group Discussion helps students to increase their engagement towards learning. The forum sites provide valuable information from different posts. There will be an increase in interactivity and autonomy of the student with the online discussion forums.

The Online discussion boards like Chalk up, Collaborize classroom, Twitter, Turnitin, and Backchannel chat are the most commonly used boards to fuel student engagement. At the moment, Chatbots are rising - this signals to make discussion boards more engaging.

Simulation and Modeling

Simulation and Modeling approach own more advantages in learning. Simulation helps the student to understand the abstract concepts using models. The models exist in 3D, so the simulation tools help to interact with models in-detail.

The technologies like Cloud Computing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and 3D printing will advance the simulation and modeling in education. It helps the Students in research and decision making. Moreover, it will enable the fun of learning - So, the students become keen to learn.

Special needs for disabled students

Technology not only stops at implementing learning concepts, it also enables special needs for disabled students. People with Autism, Dyslexia, Down syndrome, and Blindness requires special needs, so it can help them to read and learn. With the present technology, the implementation of special needs is as simple as ABC.

Technology enabled special needs said to be Assistive technology, which helps the kids with cognitive problems and physical impairment. Assistive technologies like the text to speech programs, proofreading programs, math tools, Assistive listening systems, Graphic organizers and so forth are most used tools for disabled kids. Furthermore, the technologies like AI, ML, and Blockchain will create high-end smart assistive systems.

In the final analysis, there will be a massive shift in 2018 especially by enabling advanced technology into the modern education. So, this will bring many merits for the student to assist them in profound learning.

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