Google's Android Oreo (Go edition) gives access to computing

February 27, 2018 12:00 AM
  • Google's Android Oreo (Go edition) gives access to computing

India has a large number of Smartphone users. It is expected to cross over four hundred million users by 2020. Even so, many people are yet to truly experience the power of computing. To ease access to computing, the global operating system (OS), Android comes with an enhanced set of functionalities and features to satisfy entry-level smartphones.


The new Android Oreo (Go edition) is now ready for entry-level smartphones. This version of Android is all set to target the people who own affordable devices, helping them discover the world of computing. The low storage devices with Android Oreo OS are eligible for Go optimizations. There are three essential improvements done by Google before releasing Android Oreo (Go edition) to the market.

Android Oreo (Go edition) features enhancement

Performance: The Android Oreo’s (Go edition) performance has increased due to the addition of a new set of lite apps (Go apps). These mobile applications are built to make affordable or low-budget mobile OS run faster and smoother. As a result, you can email, find routes, play games, and receive messages faster than ever.

Storage: Entry-level smartphones have less storage and it is almost occupied by the OS as well as pre-installed apps. Due to this, there is no space available to store documents and media files. In such circumstance, the low-budget device running Android Oreo (Go edition) surprised users by creating 2X available storage and enhanced the pre-installed Google apps to take up to 50% less space.

Data Management support: By default, the Data saver option is enabled for entry-level devices running Android Oreo. This data management feature gives you more control on your data. You can enable or disable the data saver mode and also manage the specific apps to use or not to use the background data.

Security: Android Oreo is one of the most secure versions of Android till date, and the Android Oreo (Go edition) comes with similar key security features. It also includes built-in Google Play Protect that will scan all apps to continuously keep the device, data, and app safe. Google Play Protect also works in an offline mode that makes it unique from other security apps.

A new set of Apps

Android Oreo (Go edition) connects with the app developers to bring a new set of Android apps that are lite and reliable. These apps are named as Go apps. They are well designed and implemented for faster and smoother performance on affordable devices.

Source: Android

Go edition introduces new Google Play Store that helps the users by specifying the compatibility of apps to the user’s device. Also, Google Play Store highlights the Go apps while installing in the entry-level devices.

The specific apps that are associated with the Go edition of Android Oreo so far are:

Google Go: Google Go is the refreshed version of the Google Search Lite, that helps you search A to Z quickly and easily. The app is 5 MB, fast to download and get started by receiving quick answers.

Files Go: This is a new app from Google that assists you in searching any file in a flash. With this app, you can find and delete unwanted data.

Youtube Go: This app similar to the YouTube app which enables you to browse videos from trending to latest. The size of the app is 9.4 MB which is very less compared to YouTube app.

Gmail Go: The app runs very fast and gives quick replies even in an intermittent network. Gmail Go helps in reading notifications and responding to them both online and offline. This app also includes a Smart inbox for easy organization of emails and has high resistance to spam.

Google Assistant Go: The Google Assistant Go is lightweight and fast, yet includes all the favorite and reliable features. It has similar features as Google Assistant but only supports English as of now.

Other apps like Chrome, Gboard, and Maps are also compatible with Android Oreo (Go edition), however, they don’t have separate Go app versions.

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