HCL Foundation funds Socio-Economic Development Projects

December 15, 2017 12:00 AM
  • HCL Foundation funds Socio-Economic Development Projects

HCL Foundation with a focus on Urban Community Development projects is inviting NGOs and CSR Implementation partners to associate with them at Nagpur (Maharashtra) in the thematic areas of Education, Skilling & Livelihood, Health and Environment.

HCL Foundation:

HCL foundation works in rural and urban areas that match the national and international development standards. It has introduced various sustainable development goals to relieve poverty, while also investing in education, health, employability, environment, and water. HCL foundation works through a life-cycle approach called Integrated Community Development Approach(ICDA) to reduce poverty.

More about the HCL - Urban community development projects:

With rapid urbanisation, cities fast changing into big metropolitan hubs and erstwhile rural areas changing into suburbs, a major proportion of Indian population is fast sinking into Urban Poverty.

HCL foundation’s Urban Community Development Programme addresses some of these issues like social security, sanitation, education, health and shelter in the cities where HCL is operational. HCL is mandated by the belief of ‘giving back’ and strengthening the socio-economic ecosystem of neighbourhoods that has its operations in the areas listed below.

HCL foundation’s targeted thematic areas in the Urban:

HCL Foundation has included various thematic areas to leverage in the urban and rural areas. The Request for Proposals paramount focus is education, health, environment, and livelihood. Proposals with Innovative, technology-led solutions would be given a preference.


  • Early, Primary, Secondary, Adult, Digital & Civic Education

  • Innovative, Technology-Led Education For Children, Youth And Women In Urban And Rural.

  • Children living in difficult circumstances such as those living on streets, working in hazardous forms of labour, living in slums – never been to school, out of school

  • The Educational Interventions aim at providing mainstreaming opportunities to children In the School going age group Through Bridge And Remedial Educational Centres Known as Gurukuls.

  • Provision Of Early Childhood Education And Development To Children In The 0-6 Age Group In These Communities, By Strengthening The ECCD Centres.

  • My School Initiative: A project specifically designed to strengthen the state school system with an objective to increase literacy rate.

  • To Enable Quality Enhancement Of School Programmes Through Partnerships With The Government, The Schools And The Communities In A Structured And Planned Manner

  • To Improve The Attendance And Learning Outcomes Of Students At The Schools Through Strengthening Of Infrastructure, Making The Teaching-Learning Process More Dynamic And Opening Up Avenues For Holistic Growth And Development

  • To Build Capacities Of The Teachers And School Administration In Order To Strengthen The Leadership And Ensure Effective Transaction Of Curriculum

  • To Reach Out To Schools Through Effective Engagement Of HCL Employees As Volunteers And Support Them In Enabling Quality Transformation In Schools

  • To Create Mechanisms For Integration And Engagement Of The Communities With The Schools With A View To Create Community-Based Learning Solutions


Projects with a focus on:

  • Strengthening The Primary Health Care System – Urban PHCs

  • Maternal & Child Health

  • Adolescent Reproductive Health

  • Combating Malnutrition

  • Water, Sanitation And Hygiene

  • School Health


Projects with a focus on:

  • Provision Of Market Employable Soft And Technical Skills To Youth Basis Market Assessments

  • Supporting Placement And Retention


Projects with a focus on:

  • Afforestation – Urban Forests (Vatika), Avenue Plantation, School, Hospitals And Other Public Facilities

  • Bioremediation

  • Waste Management Including Community Managed Waste Water Treatment Plants

  • Water Conservation

  • Green Energy

  • Disaster Preparedness


If you are a reputed NGO / CSR Implementation partner, write into Robing.T@Hcl.Com

Important Dates:

  • Inquiries: 18 Dec

  • Submission: 11:59 PM, 22 Dec

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Deadline: Proposals received after the designated deadline may be subject to rejection by HCL Foundation

  2. Validity: Your proposal must remain valid for a minimum of six (6) months from the date of receipt by HCL Foundation.

  3. Negotiations: The most competitive proposal is requested. It is anticipated that the contract will be awarded on the basis of merit of the proposal. However, HCL Foundation reserves the right to request responses to questions and conduct negotiations with any potential agency/consultant prior to awarding a contract.

  4. Rejection of proposal: This document is a request for proposals only, and in no way binds HCL Foundation to make an award. HCL Foundation reserves the right to reject any and all offers received and/or to cancel the RFP. HCL Foundation will not be obliged to either inform or provide a justification for rejection of proposals.

  5. Incurring costs: HCL Foundation will not be liable for any cost incurred during preparation, submission, or negotiation of an award for this RFP.

  6. Financial responsibilities: Proposals must certify the financial viability and adequacy of resources of the agency/organization to complete the proposed assignment within the agreed timeframe and in conformity with the agreed terms of payment. HCL Foundation reserves the right to request and review up to the last three financial statements and audit reports including schedules and annexures, as part of the basis of the award if required.

  7. Copyright and Patents: HCL Foundation shall be entitled to all copyrights, patents and other proprietary rights and trademarks with regard to the products or documents and other materials which bear a direct relation to or are produced or prepared or collected in consequences of or in the course of the execution of the contract. All plans, reports, recommendations, estimates, documents and data compiled by the service providers under the contract shall be the property of HCL Foundation and shall be treated as confidential. All confidential documents should be delivered to the relevant people within HCL Foundation during the project duration and upon completion.


A. Organisation Profile:

  • Organization Details With Full Address And Registration Details

  • Name And Contact Details Of Authorized Contact Person

  • Profile Of The Organization Highlighting The Organizations Previous Work In The Thematic Area

  • Details Of The Board Members/Governance Council.

  • List Of Completed/Ongoing Projects With Brief Description Of The Project And Beneficiaries Reached Funded By Other Agencies

B. Technical Proposal:

  • Nagpur – Background Details In Terms Of Socio-Economic And Demography.

  • Urban Issues And Challenges.

  • In-Depth Details Supported By Statistical Evidence, On The Selected Theme (Education, Health, Skilling Environment) For The Identified Community/Municipal Ward/S/Block In Nagpur City.

  • Justification Of Selecting The Given Community/Municipal Ward/S/Block In Nagpur City.

  • Proposed Strategy

  • Proposed Activities

  • HCL Volunteer Engagement Plan (In A Sustainable Way For Sustainable Development)

  • Sustainability Plan

  • Risk Mapping

  • Monitoring And Evaluation Plan (Clear Output, Process, Outcome And Impact Level Indicators)

  • Human Resource Mapping (Proposed Team Structure)

  • Proposed Timeline

  • Proposed Budget (Administrative Cost Not To Exceed 8-10%)


Please provide a detailed break-up of each line item and all sub-line item costs with clear budget explanatory notes. Any taxes including Service Tax, Sales Tax, Value Added Tax or any other applicable tax, duty, cess or levies, must be quoted separately from the price of goods and services. The terms of payment along with a tentative timeline must also be attached.

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