Paid a bribe? Dial 1100. AP tackles corruption with Tech

December 27, 2017 12:00 AM
  • Paid a bribe? Dial 1100. Andhra Pradesh tackles corruption with Tech logo

The government of Andhra Pradesh took a big step forward to eradicate corruption. A simple phone call will make the corrupt government servant who fleeced you will come knocking on your door to return the amount.

1100 call center

For this, Government of AP introduced 1100 call center to report the matter.As a result, the corrupt government official will return bribe personally going to the victim.

This initiative has taken immediately after the survey exposed Andhra Pradesh standing at the second position after Karnataka as the most corrupt states in India.This action instantly showing results as the Government Officials in Guntur, Kadapa, Krishna, and Kurnool personally visiting victim houses to return the bribe.

The Chief Minister of AP, Chandrababu Naidu said, "So far 12 persons had returned the bribe amounts to the citizens in the past few days. In one instance in Kurnool district, a panchayat secretary had returned (bribe) money to 10 citizens (in separate cases)" as per the PTI report.

To implement the people friendly government and real-time governance, the 1100 call center and 'People-First' app launched on May 25 will assist people of AP for better living and happy life.

Government Spokesperson added "The 'People First' grievance redressal channel launched by the government on May 25 seems to be working wonders and sending chills down the spines of (corrupt) public servants"

The phone number 1100 is the toll-free number that works 24/7 to receive the complaints from the victims.

Parkala Prabhakar, advisor(Communications) of the government, speaking to media said, "The 1100 call center has been receiving a tremendous response. It's a good effort to cleanse the society. Scared government officials are returning the bribe amounts to citizens"

The Government wishes the move will help people get awareness of the bribe.Thereupon, the government officials might scare to take the bribe from the people.But there is no clarity on action against corrupt official and protection of bribe-giver.

Let's hope it brings a change in the mindset of corrupt official and helps the state become corruption free.In the long-run, the success should spread throughout the nation and help tackle the corruption.

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