Part 1: Facebook presents “Workplace for good” to nonprofits for free

July 15, 2019 12:00 AM
  • Workplace for good - Facebook

The trend of giving back to society is growing fast alongside the use of technology for social impact. It is no surprise that the social media giant Facebook is making strides in extending its platform to non-profits and educational institutions. In recent times, Facebook is increasingly focussed on working with nonprofits to help create better impact. For this, it came up with the idea to offer workplace tools to non-profit organizations and educational institutions  free of cost. Previously, the tools were made available to various businesses for premium charges - an offering that competes against the likes of Slack and Microsoft Teams. Now the free product offered that is offered to NPOs is considered separate from personal Facebook account and known as Workplace For Good.

In an excerpt from an article on HindustanTimes, Annette Gevaert, Head of Workplace For Good, Facebook elaborates "We're giving Workplace for free to nonprofits and staff at educational institutions globally, so they can build meaningful communities and create change around the world."

This new offering from Facebook will now help non-profits and educational institutions with a set of tools to run and manage their organizations efficiently. The tools assist members, volunteers, stakeholders, and groups of the organizations to connect, collaborate, and create change in their community. It is reported that over 2,500 organizations are already using the Workplace. 

Workplace For Good Impact in India

Some of the well-known non-profits organizations from India like Save the Children and Vision India Foundation are already using the platform for their operations. The platform has the added advantage of cost-saving on global network communications.

Vision India Foundation has its group on Facebook's Workplace For Good platform which keeps 5000 alumni and volunteers up to date on campaign news.

Shobhit Mathur, Executive Director of Vision India Foundation said in an interview with official blog of Workplace for good "Workplace is the only solution we have tried that has allowed our global network to stay connected. It has lowered organizational costs and the time we spend in meetings."

How does Workplace for Good work with nonprofits?

There are many challenges that nonprofits need to address for making a difference. To tackle the problems sprouting from communication and team coordination/updation challenges, nonprofits could make use of the tools provided by Workplace for good. 

Workplace for good could summon next-generation technology to stakeholders of nonprofits by connecting users through video calling, instant messaging, analytics tools integration, public and private file sharing, live video streaming for announcements etc. 

With regards to education, the platform helps with sharing ideas, building communities across campuses, posting photos, videos, or announcements.  It can also be used to spread news using instant messaging and mobile chatbot aided access to payroll and timetable access.

Along with this Facebook is also looking forward to bring #impactcloud, a coalition of Workplace, Salesforce, Box, Okta, and Microsoft working towards creating a larger impact for humanitarian and disaster relief organizations. Also, it's calling many more organizations to partner with them on the journey towards meaningfully and efficiently impacting communities.

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