Part 2: Facebook's Workplace for Good

August 26, 2019 12:00 AM
  • Facebook's Workplace for Good 2

Part 1 of this article discussed Facebook and its offering for nonprofits 'Workplace for Good'. The article had detailed how Facebook supports nonprofits and educational institutions, extending its paid feature to such organisations free of cost.

Read Part 1 Here: Facebook presents “Workplace for good” to nonprofits for free

Now, this article explores the benefits of this platform and how nonprofits can leverage it.

Why should nonprofits use Workplace for Good?

A diverse range of operations from communication to collaboration are required to run any organization efficiently. Same goes for NGOs, the only difference being that the intended outcome of the said activities is service to the society.  Any non-profit would need to plan, manage, organize, fundraise, conduct campaigns etc to actually create a significant impact on the intended beneficiaries. Automating some of these tasks would lead to cost saving. Workplace for Good is suitable for exactly this, it provides collaboration and communication tools which are effective to run seamless operations. The collaborations and communication tools in Workplace for Good also provides a array of features such as internal groups, multi-company groups, news feed, work chat, live video, search, file sharing and activity groups. It helps in saving time and costs and leads to higher impact.

Image Courtesy: Screenshot from Facebook's Workplace for Good site

How should nonprofits use Workplace for Good?

There are plenty of features embedded in the 'Workplace for Good' platform which is intended to help run nonprofits smoothly. Few of the ways in which the platform helps nonprofits are listed below:

  • Speed up decisions between the stakeholders involved in the non-profits using chat

  • The platform helps in sharing files and receiving feedback

  • Forms a centralized communication between teams

  • Helps broadcast live videos to coordinate and connect stakeholders

  • Manage relationships with other organizations using project groups

  • Generate weekly, monthly, and yearly insights for understanding the impact

How to get started with Workplace for Good?

Workplace for Good is not part of Facebook's social media page, it is a completely different product. So, you don't need any personal Facebook account to sign-in or sign-up. Facebook offers a separate website and app for Workplace for Good platform that assists any nonprofit organization to use a wide range of collaboration and communication tools. 

Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up your Workplace Account

  • Nonprofits need to apply through the platform for using Workplace for Good. 

  • Once your organization is verified you will receive an email to access the platform.

  • Follow the link in the email to get started, the designated admin has all permissions to access the platform to add people, create groups, etc.,

  • Now, upload a professional profile picture, and add job title, manager, and department

  • Perform all types of tweaks like creating teams and groups, sharing ideas, managing notifications, joining existing groups, etc.,

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