Top 5 Next-gen Farming Aid Apps

January 08, 2018 12:00 AM
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Agriculture is the one industry that has sustained its existence since ancient days without losing relevance. Over 58% rural households depend on this industry for its livelihood and it consists of 7.4 billion consumers. However, limited access to education and basic information has kept a good percent of farmers locked in low productivity and poverty.

A study conducted by Boston Consulting Group says that by 2020, about 320 million Indians who live in rural areas will be connected to the internet. As a result of this, there will be a rise of internet users and increase in smartphone penetration in rural areas. This trend has resulted in various startups and companies partnering with the government to develop next-generation farming apps that support farmers in different capacities. The government along with various NGOs has also brought in various farming aid apps that provide real-time data about seeds, fertilizers, weather, local markets and so forth. These apps provide various benefits for farmers that can help them yield economical produce.

Benefits of farming aid apps:

  • Provides crop information that helps farmers in contributing to better delivery of nutritious and economical produce

  • Assists farmers with expert guidance.

  • Real-time updates on weather, local markets, fertilizers, seeds etc.

  • Acts as a direct gateway between farmers and government schemes

  • With Apps, farming becomes socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable.

Mobile apps can help farmers step into the digital world, where they can take advantage of technology in farming. 

Here are five next-generation farming aid apps, that not only assist farmers but also empower them.

MyAgriGuru - Agriculture app for Indian Farmers

Free | MyAgriGuru

MyAgriGuru is a leading agricultural app that is specifically designed for Indian farmers.This app is available both in Hindi and English and provides innovative farming solutions.

The app provides Indian farmers with access to latest agriculture technology and techniques. With the help of this app, farmers can raise healthy crops as well as do profitable farming. The app consists of different modules such as Crop, Agribuzz, Market Price, Weather, Tip of the Day and more.

Fasal Salah Agriculture App

Free | BKC WeatherSys Pvt. Ltd.

A personalized farmer specific weather and crop advisory app, Fasal Salah Agriculture app is an app ideal for Indian farmers. The app not only acts as a personalized advisory but also provides weather information and Mandi/Market price information.

This app is available in English, Hindi, and other regional languages of India, also for non-readers, the app assist with audio format. Moreover, this app is a real-time location, crop, and weather specific agro advisory app.

HiTech Kisaan App

Free | HiTech Kisaan

HiTech Kisaan mobile app is a farming app specially developed for farmers in Maharashtra. This app helps both the farmers and business persons involved in agriculture-related activities by providing information. 

This app has a lot to offer for the Marathi People, but support other farmers across the country. It provides the information about market products, production of vegetables, fruits and crops, fertilizers and pesticides. Additionally, it also gives information related to the exchange of modern agriculture equipment and agriculture-based industries.

Vari app - Democratizing Agriculture

Free | vari

Vari is a digital platform that facilitates farmer-to-farmer and farmer-to-consumer interactions. It aids farmers in getting quality inputs from fellow expert farmers on agriculture production. Consumers can directly buy quality produce from farmers.

This app helps farmers reduce their challenges while procuring inputs for their farm needs. The app simplifies the Agri-business experience of farmers in rural India by initiating innovative and smart farming.

Kisan Suvidha

Free | Mobile Seva

Kisan Suvidha is an Agri app that consists of massive crops information. It is also said to be an omnibus mobile app specifically developed for farmers.The information provided by the app is quickly accessed with a click.

This app consists of unique features like alerts and market prices of the commodity in nearest area. It also provides weather information on current days and can provide weather predictions for upto 5 days. One can even take plant protection information, IPM practices and more from the app.

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