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January 25, 2017 12:00 AM
  • Soya Samriddhi Karyakram
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SRIJAN began field operations in November 2000 with a field project in Sagar district. Geographically, it now works in 15 districts of five state. Currently, SRIJAN is working with 30, 000 poor rural families. It deliberately chooses to work with socioeconomically disadvantaged women, Dalit and tribal people. SRIJAN has also developed a theme based livelihoods cluster model, which has been scaled up for the themes of soybean and dairy.

Problem / Challenge

Soya Samriddhi Karyakram was developed in order to reduce the time taken for the dissemination of information about a package of practices regarding crop life cycles to farmers. Currently, every activity like application of fertilisers, pesticides, seed treatment etc. is done on the basis of assumption rather than science made by the farmer based on the area and type of crop being grown


Soya Samriddhi Karyakram helps to measure the actual area under cultivation thereby optimising the use of inputs like fertilisers and pesticides and reducing input costs and waste. The application also assists in the speedy proliferation of information regarding the onset of crop diseases along with pictures and actions to be taken to reduce further damage of crops and enhance productivity.
There are two Crops which are monitored under the project.  Mustard in the Rabi Season and Soyabean in the Kharif season. The Mustard crop project has assisted in the development of learnings which are to be implemented in the soyabean crop


  1. The project will capture data through the mobile devices of 1000 farmers in a structured format in the first year and this would be analysed at the end of the year.
  2. Package of practice for crop to be configured and timely guidance provided to farmers.
  3. Area Survey: Farmer’s area to be surveyed to help in correct forecast of yield and right usage of Inputs
  4. Crop Advisory: Real-Time advisory to protect crops and right usage of chemicals
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