• by Kasmin Fernandes / 12:57 AM on 23 Oct 2019, Wednesday
    Artificial Intelligence tools could prove itself powerful in tackling some of the world's most challenging social problems. According to a report by McKinsey Global Institute, AI could be applied to 10 social domains that create a large-scale impact. Here's a list of 10 domains to which AI could be...
  • by Catherine Cheney / 03:26 PM on 21 Oct 2019, Monday
    The data leaks issue faced by Facebook earlier, has made the company rethink every aspect in detail. Now it is looking back to regain trust from people with improvements in its tech. It is focussing on humanitarian and refugee space to innovate new tools that fix the problems in the community.
  • by Ryan Polk / 04:40 PM on 18 Oct 2019, Friday
    Nonprofits hold large volumes of valuable data. Data tends to come in through its regular activities like processing digital donations, virtual management, and data collection from campaigns. Such data is often sensitive in nature and can be of interest to hackers and intruders online. Here are 5...
  • by Victoria Rodriguez / 04:45 PM on 17 Oct 2019, Thursday
    Facebook has announced that soon they will feature a donation sticker for Instagram platform. NPOs can now add a donation sticker to their instagram story. That means everyone on instagram would be presented with oppertunity to donate to their preferred cause
  • by / 04:29 PM on 17 Oct 2019, Thursday
    Technology innovations are transforming how organizations and governments operate. Mobile technology empowers remote workers. IoT based factories achieve new levels of efficiency. Sensors monitor the availability of clean drinking water. Such innovations are truly changing lives
  • by / 04:32 PM on 16 Oct 2019, Wednesday
    NGOs that are creating mobile-friendly websites are on the rise. In addition to this, 71 percent of respondents agree that social media had been effective in fundraising online, with 25 percent of donors confirming that social media was the communication tool that inspired them to donate.
  • by / 05:44 PM on 11 Oct 2019, Friday
    Aegis School of Data Science has created an online portal and mobile app equipped with face detection and recognition along with other information to find missing persons. The app uses AI and Data Science technologies for finding missing children and combating Human Trafficking. Click here for...
  • by Heather Mansfield / 02:25 AM on 23 Sep 2019, Monday
    The 2019 Global NGO Technology Report has over 1000 helpful facts for NGOs, NPOs, and charities worldwide. These stats and data represent 5721 organizations from 160 countries. Out of that, here are the top 39 social media stats and its impact on organizations worldwide.
  • by Nandita Raghuram / 07:30 PM on 21 Sep 2019, Saturday
    Climate change is becoming a huge problem and needs to be addressed quickly. If we fail to keep track of such changes, we would be breaking sustainability. Here are 4 apps for smartphones that helps users involve in conversations around climate change.
  • by Rebecca Ruiz / 03:00 PM on 17 Sep 2019, Tuesday
    Internet Safety is pressing concern thesedays. Especially so for kids who are easy targets for attackers.From apps to websites to social media platforms, it's difficult to track the theat a child encounters online. Here are few of the ideas that can help parents find the safest place on the...
  • by / 08:56 PM on 11 Sep 2019, Wednesday
    A study conducted by journal JAMA Psychiatry has revealed alarming facts on teenagers using social media. It reports that teens spending more than three hours on social media are more likely to develop mental health problems including depressions, anxiety, antisocial behavior etc.
  • by Tanvi Patel / 08:03 PM on 09 Sep 2019, Monday
    Are you scared of chemicals in your food? Here's the solution, a sustainable agriculture practice known as Hydrophonics Farm which was started in Mumbai. It can be implemented using a technology-based hydrophonics kit directly at home. Know more to set up your self-farming dream.
  • by Tanvi Patel / 10:29 AM on 08 Sep 2019, Sunday
    India stands at 74% literacy rate but still, a large number of government schools are struggling with basic amenities. To spread awareness and address this scenerio, this International Literacy Day could be an opportunity to take small actions in educating someone.
  • by Heather Mansfield / 02:35 AM on 05 Sep 2019, Thursday
    Technology has changed the way nonprofit organizations conduct fundraising. Some nonprofits have started fundraising with the assistance of the lastest AR and VR technology, here's how!
  • by David Riggs / 03:33 AM on 28 Aug 2019, Wednesday
    All healthcare elements in one app would've been great! But the UX of such apps could be complex as it works on everything from managing health needs to assisting patients with specific diseases. Until now the idea of 'one app for it all' is seen to have more disadvantages than advantages in...
  • by Ananya Barua / 10:11 AM on 27 Aug 2019, Tuesday
    India is a country which faces problems that seem never-ending. Fixing these problems can be acheived with an iron will and innovative solutions. Here are the list of 8 innovative startups that ranges from food safety to disease diagnosis with the help of technology.
  • by Heather Mansfield / 09:59 PM on 22 Aug 2019, Thursday
    Cryptocurrency has changed the way nonprofits conduct fundraising. There is an increase noted in the number of nonprofits turning to cryptocurrency as a new source of income. Here are the five reasons why nonprofits can consider using cryptocurrency for donations.
  • by Zack Whittaker / 08:23 PM on 16 Aug 2019, Friday
    Are you somebody who was tricked into downloading adware apps from the play store?
  • by Heather Mansfield / 10:03 PM on 08 May 2019, Wednesday
    It is considered good practice to revisit ones website to make regular updates. This is so especially in the case of NPOs. It is also important to make sure the site reflects the nonprofit's purpose, mission, activities etc to constantly engage with its existing and new userbase.
  • by Devin Coldewey / 12:26 AM on 08 May 2019, Wednesday
    Android is said to become more user-friendly to the hearing-impaired. The new features of Android would aid those with hearing imparement and other related conditions. The features like live transcription, live captioning, and live relay is to be of assistance to them in communication.
  • by Rinchen Norbu Wangchuk / 07:30 PM on 24 Apr 2019, Wednesday
    Rural India still lack access to some of the basic necessities of living like clean drinking water, electricity, and healthcare. But some of ordinary people are changing the lives of fellow citizens with out-of-the-box inventions for many basic issues faced by rural and urban India.
  • by Heather Mansfield / 08:11 PM on 12 Apr 2019, Friday
    Nonprofits that have setup a digital platform online should also have its SEO in place. This will increase the organization's visibility online and drive people to its platform. Here are 6 reasons on importance of SEO for nonprofits.
  • by Devin Coldewey / 04:49 AM on 13 Mar 2019, Wednesday
    The new app from Microsoft is being considered a boon to those with different types of vision-impairement. 'Seeing AI' is an app that converts visual data into audio feedback. This app only takes a simple touch to explore people and premises around you. It is powered by machine learning.
  • by / 11:34 PM on 26 Feb 2019, Tuesday
    Here is a graphic pulled out of data analysis from the data collected between August and Septmeber 2018 by Descartes Labs. This GIF displays the worst hotspots of air pollution all over the world. Burning fossil fuels are the culprits for the emmision nitogen dioxide that causes serious air...
  • by Viji / 04:51 PM on 25 Feb 2019, Monday
    To promote transparency and accountability, Ministry of Railways has introduced Rail Drishti dashboard. This can be accessed through laptop as well as mobile phones. This dashboard helps passengers to access various railway related information and statistics on single platform.
  • by Jonathan Shieber / 01:15 AM on 22 Feb 2019, Friday
    Healthcare sector is set to be reshaped with the support of latest technologies. The operating rooms are shifting to the new equipment which uses virtual reality, augmented reality and operating robots. It is expected that these innovations can improve the quality of surgical procedures.
  • by India Science Wire / 05:14 PM on 21 Feb 2019, Thursday
    It is difficult to detect low levels of Retinol Binding Protein 4 (RBP4), a biomarker for early diabetes. But these scientists are on a new sensor that detects this protein easily
  • by Heather Mansfield / 04:30 AM on 21 Feb 2019, Thursday
    The Internet has a huge collection of tools and resources that are available free of cost. These resources and tools can help nonprofits accomplish various tasks. It can improve an NPOs web, social media, and email campaigns significantly. Here is a list of 106 free tools and resources for...
  • by Tanvi Patel / 06:19 PM on 20 Feb 2019, Wednesday
    Dr. Shinu Syamalan, a doctor by profession is inspiring everyone, using social media. Syamalan has gathered quite a fan base on Facebook with her talents in literature as well as healthcare. She also helps people who lack access to functional toilets, by raising funds through her facebook page.
  • by Viji / 09:37 AM on 19 Feb 2019, Tuesday
    Now it is simple and hassle-free to file a cyber crime complaint. Ministry of Home Affairs has introduced an effective mechanism to prevent cyber crime against Women and Children. The online cybercrime reporting portal is now available to everyone.
  • by Heather Mansfield / 02:21 AM on 15 Feb 2019, Friday
    Fundraising is an important and challenging task for every nonprofit. When it comes to digital fundrasing, some challenges are encountered. Here is a guide that helps NPOs on how to run fundraising on facebook with 5 simple steps.
  • by David Riggs / 03:30 AM on 13 Feb 2019, Wednesday
    The health data available on the internet faces privacy concerns. The incidents that took place in various countries are proving that the data available online can break easily.
  • by Natasha Lomas / 04:37 AM on 07 Feb 2019, Thursday
    A lot of social media sites are struggling to separate fake news and real news. Many companies and organizations have come forward to fight against spreading fake news over the internet. A UK startup Fabula AI has come up with a perfect solution to spot and get rid of fake news.
  • by Jonathan Shieber / 02:00 AM on 06 Feb 2019, Wednesday
    Would healthcare undergo a huge transformation by 2028? It might seem so with the latest trends powered by visual technologies. It is expected that by 2028, the health industry will be doctor-directed and patient-owned. It is said that over the next 10 years most of the healthcare sector will turn...
  • by Brian Heater / 08:49 PM on 04 Feb 2019, Monday
    Google has unveiled a couple of new features in android for hearing impaired. These accessibility features aid people who are deaf or hard of hearing in communicating more effectively. 'Live transcribe' is one of its best offerings and another is 'Sound amplifier' that filters unwanted noise.
  • by Devin Coldewey / 11:57 PM on 01 Feb 2019, Friday
    Latest technologies such as machine learning is solving an array of problems. Here is an interesting project initiated by students from Switzerland to save bees. With the help of machine learning algorithms, they've introduced an app ApiZoom to detect Varroe mite, a threat to bee population.
  • by Romain Dillet / 02:40 PM on 31 Jan 2019, Thursday
    Sencrop is a french startup empowering farmers. This startup provides a one-stop digital needs addressed to farmers. It is a data platform that provides farmers with a hold of data to measure temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed, etc. With this solution, farmers can manage their own fields.
  • by Vidya Raja / 04:46 PM on 24 Jan 2019, Thursday
    Do you have control over the personal information of your Aadhaar card? Last year there was a lot of discussion on Aadhaar and protection of Aadhaar holder details. As a result, UIDAI now allows users to lock/unlock their data online through a few simple steps.
  • by Vidya Raja / 04:16 PM on 24 Jan 2019, Thursday
    India is one of the fastest growing markets for mobile phones and the explosion of mobile technology comes as no surprise. Nearly three-fourths of rural India has a mobile connection now. Affordability of mobile internet is the primary reason for a large number of people adopting mobile phones in...
  • by Arman Tabatabai / 12:57 AM on 24 Jan 2019, Thursday
    The nonprofit startup 'Our World in Data' started a research project at Oxford university that builds data sets on human progress. They also offer visualizations on those data to clearly explain what's happening around the world.
  • by Allana Nelson / 03:04 AM on 23 Jan 2019, Wednesday
    From the past two years, there is an increased interest towards Principles for Digital Development (PDD). These nine 'living' guidelines are helping various stakeholders to solve real-world challenges. It provides straightforward and intuitive guidance on how to use technology for social...
  • by Brian Heater / 10:30 PM on 22 Jan 2019, Tuesday
    Microsoft had revealed it's new and tech enabled hardware device at BETT education show. It came up with the device named 'Code Jumper', that brings physical form for code. This hardware device is well-suitable for vision impaired children to learn coding.
  • by Rinchen Norbu Wangchuk / 02:13 PM on 19 Jan 2019, Saturday
    The Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO) had launched a space programme for students. They called students to their center to offer one-month long space programme. The eligible students were selected based on their science projects.
  • by TechSoup / 01:15 AM on 18 Jan 2019, Friday
    To run a successful nonprofit, project management needs to be an essential part of the organization. The nonprofit would need to have different projects like fundraising, research, campaigns etc, needs the collaboration and involvement of different stakeholders.
  • by Heather Mansfield / 11:11 PM on 17 Jan 2019, Thursday
    Social media is one of the best mediums for nonprofits to conduct promotional events and donor campaigns. A well organized content calender could help NPOs acheive social media traction. This article provides 10 steps to improve a nonprofit's content calendar in 2019
  • by Megan Rose Dickey / 11:30 PM on 15 Jan 2019, Tuesday
    It is not easy to identify potential victims of sex trafficking online. Due to force shut down of classified-ads site backpage earlier, it is now difficult to prevent sex trafficking. Google engineers have now come into action to figure out the problem and solve the technical challenge.
  • by SHREYAS BS / 02:45 PM on 11 Jan 2019, Friday
    Tech innovations are making a huge impact in India. The nation holds one of the most complex development ecosystems in the world. Nonprofits are now using technology to solve different issues. Here is a list of nonprofits that are innovatively using technology for social change.
  • by / 12:30 AM on 10 Jan 2019, Thursday
    Drug overdoses causes fatalities if not identified on time. There are many cases that overdoses claimed lives of people. To prevent and help the affected, an app has coms on board which listens to breathing. It identifies trouble accordingly and calls for the help.
  • by / 05:30 PM on 09 Jan 2019, Wednesday
    Does smart cities create difficulties for disabled people? Yes, it is said to be the inclusion of technologies will not work for everyone. There might be situations that the offering of smart cities will create barriers for the people who has limited hearing ability, vision, or limited use of limbs...
  • by Heather Mansfield / 12:45 AM on 06 Jan 2019, Sunday
    Youtube is one of the most viewed platforms on the internet. Nonprofits can garner plenty of benefits from the platform especially for raising funds. Nonprofits can easily leverage the platform for free to share their compelling videos, activate network, add donation cards for fundraising etc.
  • by Tanvi Patel / 10:34 AM on 04 Jan 2019, Friday
    This mobile app developed by an IFS officer, a one-stop solution to knowledge about flora, is now helping TN farmers. Treepedia is an app that aids in teaching farmers the best plantation techniques and post-plantation care. With the help of this app, the farmers can boost productivity and save...
  • by Tanaya Singh / 01:12 PM on 02 Jan 2019, Wednesday
    Jamnalal awards are one of the longest standing awards in India that follows the Gandhian philosophy. It was introduced in the year 1978 and are awarded to the unsung heroes in social sector. It has contributed to individuals and groups who introduces the applications of science and technology for...
  • by Mashable Team / 02:15 AM on 22 Dec 2018, Saturday
    People across the world face many challenges that require innovative solutions. In 2018, innovators, designers, and activists worked hand-in-hand to introduce 14 impressive solutions to world problems. Here is the list of those 14 innovations that make the world a better place.
  • by Viji / 03:34 PM on 21 Dec 2018, Friday
    Now vehicle owners are not required to carry documents in hard formats. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued a standard operational procedure(SOP). This SOP describes how to present relevant vehicle documents in electronic format.
  • by Ray Harris / 12:35 PM on 21 Dec 2018, Friday
    SDG 4 Data Digest 2018: Data to Nurture Learning can demonstrate how data is helpful in improving education. This study was launched by UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) for bringing quality education for all. Here you can find the full report.
  • by Heather Mansfield / 10:59 PM on 20 Dec 2018, Thursday
    Most social media platforms allow and encourage video content to be posted on their platforms. Nonprofits could use video marketing on social media to gain visibility. This article talks about video marketing on social media
  • by Devin Coldewey / 01:41 AM on 20 Dec 2018, Thursday
    Tracking of solar panels has become simple with the help of machine learning. Renewable energy is the future, so it is imperative to track solar panels for their effective usage. The project 'DeepSolar' is now able to spot, and count solar panels using machine systems from thousands of satellite...
  • by Saikumar reddy / 10:41 AM on 19 Dec 2018, Wednesday
    The younger generation is highly exposed to the cyber space. More children are investing time towards various online platforms like online games and social media. So, there is growing importance of implementing cyber technology to safeguard adolescents from cyber threats.
  • by Rinchen Norbu Wangchuk / 01:10 PM on 18 Dec 2018, Tuesday
    The National Health Agency of India had posted a list of 89 Health websites and apps as fake. It is found that these were providing misleading information about the government's flagship healthcare scheme. You can check the entire list of websites and apps here.
  • by Sarah Perez / 12:42 AM on 13 Dec 2018, Thursday
    Google play store has rolled-out an update that allow customers to donate for charities from any Android device. It support several nonprofits through this. The play store itself is collecting donations for charities so it doesn't allow android developers to ask for donations directly.
  • by Viji / 11:01 AM on 10 Dec 2018, Monday
    The Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Government of India has initiated a program of distributing Unique ID for PwDs. Gvernment has come up with this idea to create national database for PwDs. This will simplify the disability persons identification and disability details.
  • by Josh Constine / 09:28 PM on 29 Nov 2018, Thursday
    Spike Diabetes is an app that give real-time updates to diabetics, their family and doctors. To keep a constant eye on the diabetics glucose levels is a tough challenge. But the Spike Diabetes with its AI power can easily track real-time status and stats for patients and send alerts
  • by Sarah Perez / 08:17 PM on 27 Nov 2018, Tuesday
    Amazon has made it easy for its Alexa owners to participate in donations. By saying the command "Alexa, donate to Toys for Tots", Alexa owners can give toys to children. Once the customer confirms the order, Amazon directly ships the toys to Toys for Tots. It is the simplest way to give back
  • by Connie Loizos / 11:13 PM on 26 Nov 2018, Monday
    Amazon has made its machine learning courses free of cost. Now, everyone can access these freely available courses from anywhere in the world. These online courses are offered through AWS learning. More than 45 hours of different courses for developers, data enthusiasts, and business professionals...
  • by / 10:35 PM on 19 Nov 2018, Monday
    Blockchain smart contracts can do good if they are connected to real world events. These smart contracts are computer programes stored in a blockchain. Due to lack of access to events they are like villages with no electricity. Read more here
  • by SHREYAS BS / 10:09 AM on 08 Nov 2018, Thursday
    A digital platform Self4Society(Main nahin hum) is introduced to bring synergy for societal change. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India has launched the platform. It brings all to one platform and channelise the efforts towards social change.
  • by Heather Mansfield / 10:21 PM on 31 Oct 2018, Wednesday
    The statistics of year-end giving is increasing. The programs and campaigns conducted all year long are resulting in the form of donations at the end of the year. With the help of social media, nonprofits could get a boost for raising more money. Here are 5 ways to use social media for more money
  • by pdd_admin / 02:31 AM on 27 Oct 2018, Saturday
    Digital Opportunity Trust(DOT) hosts the Unconference that connects youth with professionals, and mentors to share their innovative experiences. DOT works with community based organizations to support youth who brings innovation for social change.
  • by TechSoup / 08:43 PM on 22 Oct 2018, Monday
    There are plenty of tools available for collecting and analysing data. These technology tools can help gather data from programs and campaigns without actually getting on to the field. Many such options are available online that help gain wide range of knowledge and create endless impact.
  • by Nicole Gallucci / 08:32 PM on 10 Oct 2018, Wednesday
    Visual language is designed for deaf or hard of hearing people for communication. This set of gesticulations and hand movements are simple to learn and lot of tutorials are available online.Here's how to get access to sign language apps and online resources of ASL
  • by Jonathan Shieber / 02:35 AM on 04 Oct 2018, Thursday
    There is an abundance of smartphone apps that help patients safely and securely store their health records in electronic formats, creating a respite from carrying around papers and hardcopy of medical files everytime they meet a medical professional.
  • by SHREYAS BS / 05:37 PM on 28 Sep 2018, Friday
    Cyber Shikshaa is a 3-year program to create skilled woman professionals in India. Microsoft India and Data Security Council of India(DSCI) have launched the program. Under this program 1000 woman from 10 locations across India are tained and offer employment opportunities.
  • by Sarah Wells / 10:39 PM on 06 Sep 2018, Thursday
    A parent portal is launched by Instagram to help parents of young children or teenager control their exposure to social media. Click here to read more on this feautre brought in by Instagram
  • by Lekshmi Priya S / 05:30 PM on 21 Aug 2018, Tuesday
    Kerela's Collector proved harnessing the social media can become life-changing or even life-saving impact. The recent disaster that took place in Kerela has made the tech-savvy IAS officer to use social media for tracking, rescuing, and rehabilitating people.
  • by Rayomand Engineer / 01:39 PM on 30 Jul 2018, Monday
    Are you worried whether the GST you paid is reaching the Government? This is a common question from every consumer who pays bills in various places. To help you out and find the answer for the above question, here are the 4 apps that reveal the authenticity of the GST you pay.
  • by Heather Mansfield / 12:01 AM on 28 Jul 2018, Saturday
    Facebook has exhibited power in streaming revenue for nonprofits. In 2018 Global Trends in Giving Report, 18% of donors have donated through Facebook fundraising tools. It is recommended for nonprofits to have a try at using facebook tools.
  • by Ahmed Sherrif / 11:45 AM on 18 Jul 2018, Wednesday
    Google is said to be bringing an app for the blind. This app helps blind people in identifying objects. It could be a big boost for the people with limited eyesight to navigate their environment. Here are more details
  • by Viji / 02:17 PM on 17 Jul 2018, Tuesday
    The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India(FSSAI) have introduced Food Safety Connect to enable citizens to share their concerns regarding food safety violations. Here is a step-by-step guide to register your concern related to food safety violations.
  • by Jonathan Shieber / 04:00 AM on 11 Jul 2018, Wednesday
    People normally visit hospitals or clinics for a medical checkup. Now, with some changes fetched by technology, most people are shifting from in-clinic to at-home tests.
  • by Frederic Lardinois / 10:38 PM on 25 Jun 2018, Monday
    Google Earth an innovative product from Google that has helped a lot of nonprofits create an impact. Now, a new feature called area measurement tool is adding into the existing service for both web and mobile (Android and iOS). Addition of this feature could especially help students.
  • by Brian Heater / 06:30 PM on 18 Jun 2018, Monday
    The tech giant Microsoft acquired the social learning platform Flipgrid, which is a well-known platform that enables access to short video lessons. Flipgrid has an amazing feature of creating collaborative lesson plans. Microsoft is reported to also be looking forward to making the app free for...
  • by Ray White / 08:46 PM on 30 May 2018, Wednesday
    The app from Google, 'Lookout' is developed to identify objects for blind users. This app is mainly aimes at helping the blind or those with limited vision, navigate their environment without as much hassle.
  • by Vidya Raja / 10:40 AM on 18 May 2018, Friday
    Motherhood journey for a woman is incredible and worrisome at the same time. Now, a simple app can tackle this problem and help high risk pregnancies in rural india. The CareNext app is providing end-to-end solutions to vulnerable mothers in remote villages and slums. They aim to serve 5 million...
  • by Ahmed Sherrif / 01:07 PM on 15 May 2018, Tuesday
    Stethoscope is one of the most commonly used devices in the healthcare industry. But it can only pickup faint sounds that makes the diagnosis difficult. To solve this conventional problem of Stethoscope, two engineers and a doctor developed Digital Stethoscope that amplify, record, and convert...
  • by / 01:16 AM on 21 Apr 2018, Saturday
    In the world of AI, a lack of skilled AI experts are noted. It is expected that players in every industry would soon be looking to include AI into their operations. Nonprofits are also looking to integrate AI solutions for social good, but AI experts are generally proving to be expensive. Read...
  • by / 12:15 PM on 18 Apr 2018, Wednesday
    HCL foundation is calling all NGOs to participate in HCL Grant 2018-19! This edition is focussed on rural development in the categories of Environment, Health, and Education. For this edition, the HCL Grant has committed to fund 5 crores per category, per NGO against a well-defined 5 years...
  • by Heather Mansfield / 08:41 PM on 13 Apr 2018, Friday
    There are an abundance of apps that could aid nonprofits. It is recommended that nonprofits experiment on these apps to see which really help in creating growth. These tools can assist nonprofits in improving their web and email communications and social media campaigns.
  • by Guest Contributor / 03:19 PM on 13 Apr 2018, Friday
    Big Data is steadily growing. It is helping wide spectrum of applications and creating endless impact. The overwhelming data present in the world right now could become a boost for Big Data to function in a social setting for eradication of poverty, crime etc.
  • by Sarah Perez / 04:09 AM on 03 Apr 2018, Tuesday
    Self-care and digital wellness apps are topping the charts. There are an increasing number of users downloading and installing mindfulness apps. Both in the Google play store and Apple store these were the apps that are trending as projected in 2018.
  • by Lucas Matney / 11:00 PM on 27 Mar 2018, Tuesday
    The new assistive technology from Aira is an ideal solution for visual-impaired users. It offers smart glasses that assist as a guide for blind people. These smart glasses become smarter with the help of audio based-AR(augmented reality) to describe the visual world to the visual impaired.
  • by TechSoup / 01:41 AM on 27 Mar 2018, Tuesday
    General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) is the Europe's privacy law which strengthens the protection of personal data of an individual. It is important to understand if this privacy law would effect your nonprofit. Here are some guidelines that discusses GDPR for nonprofits
  • by Heather Mansfield / 09:59 PM on 27 Feb 2018, Tuesday
    Nonprofits are associating with advanced technologies to ease operations. Since last decade nonprofits' primary focus has been on social media and online fundraising. Now, there are newer concepts surrounding use of technologies to fasten innovation and impact of NPOs.
  • by Rebecca Ruiz / 08:30 PM on 15 Feb 2018, Thursday
    In 2017, Facebook had launched Community Help Tool that allows people to ask for emergency assistance. Now, the Community Help has another feature that helps Businesses and Non-profits to know about relief services and volunteer opportunities while connecting to the victims.
  • by Heather Mansfield / 11:15 PM on 14 Feb 2018, Wednesday
    Beagle Freedom Project is dedicated to saving as many Beagles from laboratories as possible. It is now showing Nonprofits 'how effectively can we use Facebook's fundraising tools'. The posts of BFP is not only winning the likes and hearts but also raising funds from its Facebook's donate button.
  • by TechSoup / 07:45 PM on 12 Feb 2018, Monday
    Instagram has over 800 million active daily users. This is as good as any a mainstream social media platform to promote nonprofits and social good activities. Click here to read a few powerup tips and edits to leverage Instagram for NPO. This article is intended to aid NPOs in attracting users to...
  • by Megan Rose Dickey / 10:52 PM on 29 Jan 2018, Monday
    According to International Labour Organisation, victims of human trafficking are in excess of 20.9 million. To combat this, Uber has stepped up and partnered with Polaris to fight trafficking at global level. Drivers will be the main players in preventing human trafficking.
  • by Devin Coldewey / 01:45 AM on 19 Jan 2018, Friday
    BecDot toy - technology enables teaching vision-impaired toddlers to read braille. The toy is fun, simple, robust, and affordable.
  • by Heather Mansfield / 03:02 AM on 16 Jan 2018, Tuesday
    Nonprofits have faced difficulties in creating mobile apps that could be useful to donors and supporters. The lack of financial resources and staff expertise are two main reasons why NPOs need tech solutions. Now social enterprises and socially responsible businesses are coming forward to introduce...
  • by Rinchen Norbu Wangchuk / 01:00 PM on 09 Jan 2018, Tuesday
    The advent of technology is opening various solutions for diabetics to keep track of their health. Both RSSDI and Wellthy therapeutics developed an 'Wellthy', an app which offers diabetic patients new ways of tracking and managing their health.
  • by / 05:45 PM on 04 Jan 2018, Thursday
    ANNADA (Association for NutritioN And Development Action) discusses undernutrition and malnutrition in children under the age of five, in their monthly mailer  'Stories of Joy'
  • by Jovita Aranha / 05:57 PM on 30 Dec 2017, Saturday
    Never drink and drive! These 9 apps could come in handy for reaching home safe after consuming alcohol.
  • by Ahmed Sherrif / 10:45 AM on 28 Dec 2017, Thursday
    Bangalore-based startup 'Nikash' has come up with an innovative solution for farming. They developed an ingenious automated irrigation system which is built on IOT that controls the valves and motors on the field with a single click through the app.
  • by Jovita Aranha / 01:15 PM on 23 Dec 2017, Saturday
    Ruuh is a chatbot developed by Microsoft Reseach Team in India and is also referred as the ‘desi AI who never stops talking' which already had a whopping 17 million conversations. This app aids Handloom Weavers in India!
  • by Catherine Shu / 06:45 PM on 21 Dec 2017, Thursday
    Most parents are constantly learning on how they can better talk to their children. Parenting Hero is an innovative app that helps parents talk to their kids according to the situation. This aids parents in exercising discipline while being approachable to their kids.
  • by / 03:30 AM on 05 Dec 2017, Tuesday
    The recent release of AI tools by Google is giving hope for study of the complete Human Body. Deepvariant is a tool that builds accurate pictures of Human Genome. This initiation will bring number of outcomes towards improving Healthcare.
  • by Sarah Perez / 09:00 PM on 04 Dec 2017, Monday
    Digital platforms are making treatment and diagnosis very simple for doctors around the world. Caspar Health is one of those digital platform that makes rehabilitative care transparent. It helps doctors customize treatment for patients using an app on their smartphone.
  • by Deepika Bhardwaj / 10:15 AM on 17 Nov 2017, Friday
    Swaraksha, a Kochi-based NGO has taken up the issue of Child Abuse.They are actively spreading awareness through various campaigns with the help of Videos, presentations and other technological mediums to create successful impact.
  • by Steve O'Hear / 12:15 AM on 17 Nov 2017, Friday
    To make 'a truly mobile society', Toyota Mobility Foundation launched $4M prize towards the development of smart mobility technologies. The foundation is targeted at supporting the lives of those affected with lower-limb paralysis.
  • by Matt Burns / 12:45 PM on 16 Nov 2017, Thursday
    HealthMatch is a startup that makes cost-free clinical trials for patients. It uses machine learning algorithms for producing efficient results in matching trials for patients.
  • by Jovita Aranha / 12:00 PM on 11 Nov 2017, Saturday
    Inclov app launched at Bangalore in 2015 is making a difference in the lives of differently abled people. More than 25000 people found long-lasting friendship and love through the app. It also helps arrange offline meetups for users to interact face to face.
  • by Frederic Lardinois / 08:00 PM on 10 Nov 2017, Friday
    OpenStack Foundation is solely focussed on building one of the biggest opensource community for developing OpenStack Cloud computing Platform. Some of the Opensource cloud platforms are running under Linux Foundation
  • by Guest Contributor / 06:15 PM on 10 Nov 2017, Friday
    India has one of the most distinct and complex education system. When focus is on studying, sometimes less importance is placed on actual learning progress of a child. While researching the loop holes in the system, AVPN and Sattva discovered many exciting and innovative solutions for this
  • by / 04:30 PM on 07 Nov 2017, Tuesday
    Swasti has been awarded Special Consultative Status by United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The NPO will now be actively engaging with the UN in public health matters.
  • by / 04:30 PM on 07 Nov 2017, Tuesday
    Read success stories of children saved from malnutrition and more on Annada’s October'17 newsletter. This NGO believes that each of us can and need to contribute in the fight against malnutrition
  • by / 04:30 PM on 07 Nov 2017, Tuesday
    A course is being organised for teacher educators, trainers, instructors and other practitioners from Education and Development domain to design and facilitate learning experience based on learner needs.
  • by / 04:30 PM on 07 Nov 2017, Tuesday
    The Clean Energy Lab is India’s first incubation program that supports research and evidence based large scale policy impact in clean energy. It is an initiative by Indian School of Business and Shakti Foundation
  • by Steve O'Hear / 07:30 PM on 24 Oct 2017, Tuesday
    Doctorlink launched latest tech platform for NHS GP practices in the U.K. It has an approved digital triage and advice tool. Moreover, this tech platform helps manage the increasing numbers of bookings and doctor appointments.
  • by Frederic Lardinois / 05:30 PM on 23 Oct 2017, Monday
    Intuit unveiled an app called Turbo at Money 20/20 conference. This app helps its users to better understand financial health.
  • by Viji / 02:15 PM on 23 Oct 2017, Monday
    Janmanrega, an app launched by Ministry of Rural Development, is developed collaboratively by MoRD, NIC, and NRSC(Hyderabad).This app is helpful in implementing the MGNREGS act and initiative towards citizen awareness and good governance. Janmanrega is aimed at increasing the quality of public...
  • by Natasha Lomas / 10:15 PM on 21 Oct 2017, Saturday
    Social media is one massive tool in the hands of netizens. Read how different kinds of information promoted via social media affects its users
  • by Vidya Raja / 12:30 PM on 21 Oct 2017, Saturday
    Malaria is a deadly epidemic, the effects of which has changed many lives.The researchers from IEM and IEST(Shibpur) ally to invent a low-cost mobile detection system for Malaria at just Rs.10. This app detects malaria as soon as it receives and processes the blood sample.
  • by dtnick / 01:26 AM on 14 Oct 2017, Saturday
    Nonprofits generally store sensitive personal information of their community members. Most such nonprofits could become targets for theft of information like names, addresses, bank details etc. It is always recommended to have a knowledge about the data security risks and their fixes. Read more...
  • by Ron Miller / 09:30 PM on 11 Oct 2017, Wednesday
    Read here on how Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are fit in for building multimedia content. Associations with IBM, Microsoft, and Google have been solicited to make its users develop their skill on their favorite platforms.
  • by / 09:30 AM on 03 Oct 2017, Tuesday
    A Smart Mirror, AI-based innovation by a Chinese entrepreneur named Jun Wang. This Innovation helps analyze, predict, and scan accurate human health data. Jun Wang has already raised $600 million funding for his dream project.
  • by / 12:00 AM on 03 Oct 2017, Tuesday
    Before the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas, Texas-based Defense Distributed launched new software that allows people to mill metal handgun bodies at home.
  • by Darrell Etherington / 09:45 PM on 02 Oct 2017, Monday
    'Street View Ready' is the new program launched by Google, which helps store camera captured data in its Street View Imaging Database.The Contributors who have the accurate hardware standards as per Google can capture and store to the database.
  • by / 08:30 PM on 02 Oct 2017, Monday
    A smartphone-friendly AI can now tell one plant's debilitating brown streak from another's brown leaf spot! 
  • by Romain Dillet / 08:15 PM on 02 Oct 2017, Monday
    OpenClassrooms is one of the well-known e-learning website created in partnership with Capgemini. As of now, OpenClassrooms offers degrees from State universities. But it also guaranteed to offer an apprenticeship program on completion of an online course.This is going to be a full-meal opportunity.
  • by Elijah-van-der-Giessen / 07:00 PM on 02 Oct 2017, Monday
    Fundraising Season is around the corner, where one-third of world's charitable givings take place.You need to have the perfect approach and skills at NetSquared meetups to grab relevant eyeballs for charitable funds. Over 75 events have already been scheduled for this October.
  • by David Kline / 04:00 AM on 01 Oct 2017, Sunday
    We know that AI-based innovations are creating wonders around the world. Morever, it is an advanced field operating on the latest technology. But, some researchers and Ph.D's of different countries still believes that Human Intelligence would outperform AI-based innovations any day.
  • by Natasha Lomas / 10:30 PM on 30 Sep 2017, Saturday
    With the increase in technology, there is an increase in complexity. Parts of our society are confused in adapting to their changing environments. However, with proper knowledge and guidance, this can be solved to a large extent.
  • by mollybacon / 01:00 AM on 29 Sep 2017, Friday
    Friends of the Urban Forests (FUF), is the initiative taken by seven members which have resulted in first-ever urban forest pan in San Fransisco. They have used TechSoup Technology and planted over 60000 trees in the city and are extending the plans further.
  • by Viji / 03:07 PM on 15 Sep 2017, Friday
    To get access to all Pan India e-gov services, Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance(UMANG) is a one-stop solution. This digital india initiative is introduced by MeitY to take all central and local government's utility services for every individual doorstep.
  • by glennhirsch / 11:45 AM on 14 Sep 2017, Thursday
    Months ago, TechSoup was able to launch a donation program for nonprofits in over 40 countries. This was made possible by the use of the online platform Zoom. As a nonprofit organization, TechSoup has come to rely on Zoom.
  • by Viji / 11:30 AM on 14 Sep 2017, Thursday
    mAadhaar is the official mobile application developed by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to provide an interface to Aadhaar Number Holders to carry their demographic information like Name, Date of Birth, Gender Address and photograph as linked with their Aadhaar Number in smart...
  • by Jon Russell / 12:30 PM on 13 Sep 2017, Wednesday
    After 8 years at WhatsApp, its co-founder Brian Acton is leaving the Facebook-owned messaging app to start a new chapter i.e his own non-profit business.This decision is a tough one. He's proud of what his team has accomplished and it’s good to see that people rely on WhatsApp every day.
  • by mstein / 08:30 PM on 12 Sep 2017, Tuesday
    Storytelling is the currency of fundraising. In the digital environment of email, social media, and mobile, we can use storytelling in innovative ways to inspire supporters and donors — and raise more money. Photos, videos, selfies, and personal stories allow us to embed emotional...
  • by Devin Coldewey / 12:45 AM on 17 Aug 2017, Thursday
    This new tablet called reMarkable is to be shipped on August 29 after successful crowdsourcing. It promises to give a better experience than holding a paper and working on it. With its limited functionality, it aims to hold the focus of the user to read and think instead of getting distracted with...
  • by Natasha Lomas / 03:45 PM on 16 Aug 2017, Wednesday
    According to analyst Garner's estimate, worldwide spending on IT security products and services is to grow seven per cent every year. This provides great opportunities for start ups to invest in specialist b2b services, with the increase in data breaches and growing demand for app security testing.
  • by jimlynch / 05:45 AM on 16 Aug 2017, Wednesday
    More non-profits are making use of chatbots today to engage with their customers, especially after Facebook allowing anyone to program a chatbot within its Messenger app. These chatbots can send alerts every day and interact with the customer without any delays which makes the engagement fruitful.
  • by justin / 12:00 AM on 16 Aug 2017, Wednesday
    A local Chicago NPO Lumity, is making sure that a career in STEM fields in not only restricted to a niche community but reaches the minorities. Their main focus is on teens and young adults, training them with Career and Life Readiness Skills, Real World Projects, STEM Talks, and Career Site Visits...
  • by runadkat / 12:45 AM on 15 Aug 2017, Tuesday
    Chatbots can be a great asset for non-profits as well, delivering content and providing better customer service by automating the whole process of responses for their queries, fundraising etc. AI helps the organization by reducing the cost and getting the job done effectively and efficiently.
  • by Uma Iyer / 10:00 AM on 23 Jul 2017, Sunday
    Deepa, a sustainable lifestyles coach, shares some tips on how we can overcome inertia and slowly inch towards a sustainable, beneficial existence.One important thing that she stresses is that Don't be dogmatic with your approach since we are working towards a society where we can live and let live.
  • by Eyeway / 12:45 PM on 22 Jul 2017, Saturday
    Students of Miranda House, DU have launched an app which enables disabled students to be independent around the campus. The app scans QR codes and gives an audio message with location details. The college also ensures proper training and orientation about the app and the QR codes for these students.
  • by jimlynch / 08:13 PM on 05 Jul 2017, Wednesday
    Having a quick access to learning libraries will help nonprofits stay updated. There is an abundance of learning resources online. Here are some learning resources and libraries that assists nonprofits in learning how to use technology
  • by LawRato / 05:00 PM on 29 Jun 2017, Thursday
    Justice delayed is justice denied.Technology is assisting the state in the disposal of cases, helping the common man access the justice system easier. Like how a movie ticket is booked online, one can now file a legal complaint or register FIR online.
  • by Lekshmi Priya S / 03:45 PM on 29 Jun 2017, Thursday
    Nangjop Thabah, a 24-year-old resident of Shillong, started out all by himself to clear plastic and other waste from the streets of his neighborhood, with a mission to preserve the environment, which led to the #NoLitterShillong campaign to raise awareness.
  • by Jovita Aranha / 04:45 PM on 28 Jun 2017, Wednesday
    A breaking innovation, IIT Kharagpur has developed an algorithm that aims to cut delays and cancellations of flights and trains, by clearing hazy visuals caused by rain, fog or smog, all in REAL TIME. It has named the technology Real Time Fog Removal from Videos & Real-Time Rain Removal from...
  • by Lucy Plummer / 01:00 PM on 10 Jun 2017, Saturday
    Chirag app was recently relaunched after the state government of Maharashtra had allocated funds for creating more awareness around it. A platform to address child rights violation issues by allowing users to register complaints and officials to conduct investigation via the app.
  • by Lekshmi Priya S / 09:00 PM on 26 May 2017, Friday
    Grow2Share is a unique initiative for urban dwellers, helping them with healthy, home-grown farming. It is an initiative that answers farming queries and helps in growing a community of urban gardeners.
  • by Aditi Patwardhan / 07:00 PM on 26 May 2017, Friday
    Swapnil Aggarwal, a development consultant from Gujarat, has come up with an app named SpeakUp that promises to tackle the lack of communication channels. SpeakUp offers a platform for users to communicate their feedback to private organizations as well as government authorities.
  • by Abhishek Joshi / 11:45 AM on 24 May 2017, Wednesday
    Sodexo in collaboration with Zeta is set to go digital by introducing paperless meal vouchers - virtual cards, aiming to see a growth in usage of its vouchers. Other tax-saving services like leave travel allowance(LTA), medical and fuel benefits are also likely to be digitalized as directed by...
  • by Manabi Katoch / 04:00 PM on 23 May 2017, Tuesday
    Pawiter and Harjap have come up with a one-stop solution for farmers to eliminate the middle men which they christened as Farmer Friend. It’s time now that farmers can decide their own price to sell. Farmer Friend operates in more than 20 cities across India.
  • by Lucy Plummer / 06:15 PM on 19 May 2017, Friday
    In 2016, around 28,000 people were prosecuted for drunk driving in the Capital. This initiative is intended to act as a deterrent for people to stop and think before they get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. Close to 40 bars and clubs, located in different areas are fitted with LED...
  • by Village Square / 06:00 PM on 18 May 2017, Thursday
    In order to bring benefits to rural women, trained women in the use of the Internet are fanning across districts of Assam, which is boosting their household earnings and changing everyday lives for the better. The aim is to train at least 90 % of the rural women.
  • by Lucy Plummer / 05:15 PM on 18 May 2017, Thursday
    Two WhatsApp groups were started with an aim to teach people to make compost from wet household waste. These WhatsApp groups facilitate instant two-way communication and 24x7 support for people with their queries. The use of home-made composting units proving to be much cheaper than ready-made kits.
  • by Lekshmi Priya S / 08:45 PM on 17 May 2017, Wednesday
    During the International One Conference 2017 in the Netherlands, 11-year-old Reuben Paul stunned the audience (which included top cyber security experts) by demonstrating a live hack with the help of a robotic teddy bear that could be misused as a covert surveillance device.
  • by Aishhwariya Subramanian / 05:00 PM on 17 May 2017, Wednesday
    A website and app named Kaushalkar is presently available as part of a special drive organised by the state government to create five lakh job opportunities in the current financial year. These tech-driven platforms are valuable resources for the state government.
  • by Humane Society International (India) / 05:45 PM on 16 May 2017, Tuesday
    With today’s modern technology, social media is a huge tool for animal welfare activities, from popularizing campaigns to highlighting cases of animal cruelty.
  • by Viji / 05:45 PM on 15 May 2017, Monday
    This topic provides information about Internet safety.
  • by Lekshmi Priya S / 01:00 PM on 11 May 2017, Thursday
    Successfully tested in 60 villages of Maharashtra’s Aurangabad district, an app named “Care Mother” identifies high-risk pregnant women living in slums and rural areas and connect them with doctors.
  • by Eyeway / 07:15 PM on 10 May 2017, Wednesday
    Digital India Movement is all set to transform the lives of disabled citizens. It helps by creating a bridge of digital infrastructure for the disabled population, to utilize mobile and advance technology to function independently and avail services on their own.
  • by Dr Vikram Venkateswaran / 05:30 PM on 10 May 2017, Wednesday
    Healthcare in India is screaming out for change, just like how a baby screams for attention. Fortunately today we have technology that can help pacify this baby and deliver more in terms of value and improved care outcomes for the patient. I think the biggest change that has happened of late is...
  • by Neelkanth Mattar / 06:45 PM on 09 May 2017, Tuesday
    eGram centers are established in Village Panchayats: More than 14,000 e-GRAM centers, equipped with VSAT Broadband connected PCs (Scanner, Printer, UPS, Web Cam) have been established and are all set to provide e-services to rural citizens.
  • by Mohul Ghosh / 03:45 PM on 09 May 2017, Tuesday
    IndusOS has become India’s 1st Aadhaar powered mobile operating system. Smartphones powered by Indus OS and Delta ID’s technology, you just need to look into the camera for performing any phone related operations. Buy products, make payments, check email etc all by locking eyes with...
  • by Tanaya Singh / 03:45 PM on 09 May 2017, Tuesday
    A man with visual impairment is now helping others like him to be independent just like how he has taught himself to be. He urges his audience to not assume they will be taught to fend for themselves by insisting that when things are explored by oneself it is learned better.
  • by Mohul Ghosh / 02:45 PM on 09 May 2017, Tuesday
    This is one of those watershed moments for the nascent Indian fintech (Financial Technology) industry. The regulator of securities trade in India; The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has allowed investment in mutual funds via digital wallets. This means that any adult Indian with a...
  • by Lucy Plummer / 06:30 PM on 08 May 2017, Monday
    Inspired by family, Gursimran developed a device which enables the visually impaired to read text that is not in braille. It consists of a camera which takes pictures of the text and converts into speech for the person to hear. This app has helped over 150 people with visual impairment.
  • by Aishhwariya Subramanian / 04:00 PM on 08 May 2017, Monday
    This video released by Indian Air Force talks about the profession which was subdued by men moving towards inclusiveness for women. Breaking the gender stereotype, the first ever batch of three women pilots were inducted by IAF into its fighter squadron.
  • by Aditi Patwardhan / 01:15 PM on 06 May 2017, Saturday
    Slated to be launched this month, an e-platform will enable women employees of the central government to file sexual harassment complaints online.
  • by Lekshmi Priya S / 05:15 PM on 05 May 2017, Friday
    FS Green Labs led by two men from Delhi has sought out to provide electricity to villages by installing solar microgrids which provide electricity for 8 hours-a-day. They are now focusing on training few people from every village about maintaining the system to aid the village dwellers in the case...
  • by Viji / 03:45 PM on 05 May 2017, Friday
    This topic provides information about the eVIN Project of Health Ministry
  • by Sohini Dey / 12:45 PM on 05 May 2017, Friday
    iKheti started out in 2011 as an initiative to encourage gardening. The organization believes in growing edible vegetable and crops to promote sustainable and organic urban farming. Through workshops, one-to-one guidance to schools, house-wives, corporates and farmers iKheti has come a long
  • by Viji / 04:30 PM on 04 May 2017, Thursday
    Solid and Liquid waste management are vital elements of Swatch Bharat Mission. It has a direct impact on human health and helps to improve cleanliness. For this, different technology-based methods are available to curb wastage and improve quality of life in rural areas.
  • by Aishhwariya Subramanian / 03:30 PM on 04 May 2017, Thursday
    The public will have to use WhatsApp to geo-tag their location while lodging a complaint.
  • by Guest Contributor / 01:45 PM on 04 May 2017, Thursday
    Founded by Archana Suresh, Bring a Smile works tirelessly to light up the lives of underprivileged citizens in Hyderabad.
  • by Aishhwariya Subramanian / 01:45 PM on 04 May 2017, Thursday
    Tarang Sanchar a website released by the GOI, can track the tower sites with the help of GPS. Users get to know about the EMF compliance status of the towers nearby. The website also hosts articles, videos providing facts and myths on radiation caused by these tower signals.
  • by Lekshmi Priya S / 01:15 PM on 04 May 2017, Thursday
    Automated Weather station, an app initiated by State government of Maharashtra to help farmers understand the impacts of weather cycle and crop pattern better by providing data and location specific advisories to help the farmers know which crop to grow for better yield.
  • by Kanishk Karan / 12:00 PM on 04 May 2017, Thursday
    Most of the urban dwellers, especially who live in dense areas are in close vicinity of a mobile tower, and thought of radiations from these mobile towers haunts many. However, soon your doubts can be put to rest, as the Telecom Department on Tuesday has launched an online portal that allows...
  • by Vidya Raja / 06:15 PM on 03 May 2017, Wednesday
    Deeksha Rathore's photographs capture the stuff that dreams are made of.
  • by Viji / 03:00 PM on 03 May 2017, Wednesday
    Worried about harmful radiation from your mobile phones? Now you can check EMF safety status of towers in your surroundings. Tarang Sanchar locates the towers with help of GPS wherein you can also request for an EMF emission measurement. It also provides articles, videos on EMF and telecom...
  • by Sohini Dey / 07:00 PM on 02 May 2017, Tuesday
    Passionate about teaching, Manoj Jamsendekar is on a mission to make robotics an accessible and affordable tool for forward-thinking education.
  • by Sohini Dey / 04:45 PM on 02 May 2017, Tuesday
    ICICI bank has implemented many programs like aadhar based e-KYC method to help villagers open bank accounts, POS machines; vocation training to build their skills, among others. Through various sessions they have brought a change in the lives of 2.5 lakh people from 100 villages
  • by American India Foundation / 01:15 PM on 02 May 2017, Tuesday
    Six months after joining the People’s Archive of Rural India as part of AIF’s Clinton Fellowship for Service in India, Olivia Waring shares her journey of leaving a lucrative job in Silicon Valley to put her coding skills to use for the greater good. 
  • by Mohul Ghosh / 03:30 PM on 01 May 2017, Monday
    As a step towards DigitalIndia, Air Travel is likely to become digital with an initiative by the government of India called DigiYatra. All you need is an Aadhar card and e-boarding pass to travel anywhere in India. Steps are being taken to make all the airline follow the concepts of DigiYatra.
  • by Editorial Staff / 11:45 AM on 01 May 2017, Monday
    It’s Monday morning and time to do a quick wrap-up of the posts published on last week. If you were offline last week for any reason, this is a great way to catch up with all the tech-buzz! Internet/Tech/E-Commerce In one of the biggest failures related to Aadhaar security, a...
  • by Manabi Katoch / 04:00 PM on 29 Apr 2017, Saturday
    Andhra Pradesh Janmabhoomi (AP Janmbhoomi) is an exclusive online portal for the Telugu community all over the world, geared towards socio-economic development of Andhra Pradesh in particular and India in general. Created by the Andhra Pradesh government, the project is the first of its kind in...
  • by Viji / 12:15 PM on 18 Apr 2017, Tuesday
    This topic provides information about BHIM Referral and cash back schemes.
  • by Viji / 01:45 PM on 11 Apr 2017, Tuesday
    At IIT Kharagpur under the National Mission on Education, the Ministry of Human Resource Development, through Information and Communication Technology has initiated the National Digital Library project to develop a virtual repository of learning resources with a single-window search facility.
  • by Viji / 12:50 PM on 11 Apr 2017, Tuesday
    An Electronic Payment and Receipts framework has been prepared by MeitY, aimed at State Governments, Govt. of India Autonomous Bodies, Municipalities and Central Public Sector Undertakings for implementing the right mechanism to ease electronic payments and receipts.
  • by Viji / 11:30 AM on 11 Apr 2017, Tuesday
    This topic provides information about Swayam learning portal of Ministry of Human Resource Development.
  • by Viji / 11:46 AM on 22 Feb 2017, Wednesday
    This topic provides information about Cyber Swachhta Kendra.
  • by Viji / 03:45 PM on 09 Dec 2016, Friday
    This topic provides information about Lifeline Express for delivering health services to the unreached.
  • by anelson / 01:45 PM on 29 Dec 2015, Tuesday
    Read how 300 authoritative global health organizations and UN agencies decided to implement a common goal in the health sector. For this, nine-principles were designed to develop the medical firm with the use of mobile and digital technologies.