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eVidyaloka is a laudable NPO that is steadily transforming the education landscape in the rural and remote regions in India. They encourage local communities to own digital classrooms, promote and empower volunteers and provide standardized lesson plans and teaching aids for systematic learning.

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SWASTI is an NPO that has had a resounding impact in the domain of public health outcomes for those who are socially excluded and poor. They operate with the sound belief that health and well-being can be best addressed when all three aspects - behaviors, systems and social determinants are addressed together.

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SNEHA is a formidable NGO that empowers women in urban slums and their families to lead a healthy life. It is a progressive organization which dedicates its operations towards reducing maternal mortality, newborn mortality, malnutrition and domestic violence. It has made significant impact by way of the mobile application called Eyewatch

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Gramin evam Samajik Vikas Sansthan

The vision of this NGO is to be a voice for the rural poor, a liberating force that brings them social justice, economic growth and self-reliance. All their activities are channeled towards empowering rural poor, eliminating unemployment, injustice and illitracy, in short, pulling helpless rural poor out of the claws of abject poverty.

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This NGO is set on improving the quality of education in India for children. With its unique program called 'Missed Call Do, Kahani Suno', Pratham has brought interesting stories to underserved children simply by allowing them to give a missed call in exchange for a story. This program fetched heartwarming results when around five thousand children called in for stories in just the first three days.

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February, 2017
Sankalp Taru
Sankalp Taru
This NGO is making the planet greener through its app which is aimed at getting trees planted by the people, for the people.
By way of its operations, Sankalp Taru even supports important causes like women empowerment & rural livelihood. Many villages are now cleaner and greener thanks to the activities carried out by this NGO.
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Vidiyal Foundation
Vidiyal operates with the sound belief that everyone deserves a fair chance at life. This statement holds true in all of its activities. Be it offering financial support to aspiring students or helping young professionals find jobs, this NGO becomes a pillar of reassurance and support to many young people from financially unstable families.
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