Should Non-profits Stop Using Facebook for Social Impact?

April 16, 2018 12:00 AM
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Facebook has had a tough year thus far, owing to the data breach controversy. The social networking site faced backlashes from users world over after revealing its involvement with Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm's data scandal. 

A loss of $100 billions in market value and the movement #deletefacebook is making its rounds on the internet. It is said that Cambridge Analytica had collected more than 87 million users personal information from the social media giant.

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Facebook having now accepted its loopholes in data privacy policies have already begun taking steps towards ensuring its user's data privacy and account security to retain their trust. 

Various non-profits and social enterprises may now have concerns regarding the risk of reputation in partnering with Facebook and protection of sensitive data of the users they serve.

Different NGOs/NPOs, organizations, and academic institutions around the globe have used Facebook for social good. It helps in publishing content, reaching a wider audience, promoting their cause, interacting with donors,  connecting with meaningful contacts etc. In some countries, the platform even allows raising funds for their cause by bearing a donate button on the NPOs profile pages and posts. These examples show that the platform has served well for organizations that are doing social good.

Data for good program

Before the start of data security related allegations on the world's largest social network, the social media giant had also started a program called 'Data for good' which helps the social organizations to access its data, developers tools, and visualization tools. It allowed such users to seek the knowledge out of the data and understand people - that provides a path to social innovation or initiation.

Some of the initiatives like Facebook's 'Disaster maps' provide humanitarian organizations with data to help victims on the face of a natural disaster. This initiative tracks the exact location of the people and their movement, so the social organizations can support them and cater to their needs. Facebook data has also proved its worth at the times of emergency situations that help in taking quick actions to save lives when faced with natural disasters. 

These point to the fact that the platform could provide significant support to Nonprofits from a data perspective. Facebook is capable of solving some of the world's most serious global issues with better standards of user's data protection. More importantly, there should be a general awareness of the responsible use of data, and the policies of Facebook should build around it.

With its policy updates to ensure better data security and the various benefits of having a social media presence, Facebook could cater to new avenues for nonprofits.

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